The French Mediterranean coastline from the Spanish border in the west to the Italian border offers warm water, superb weather, and a complete range of cruising and sightseeing opportunities – in short, it is a magnet for anyone seeking a luxury sailing holiday.

Corsica is famous as Napoleon’s birthplace, but this island has a depth of history and culture that is breath-taking. A human bone found in the region was dated to 250,000BC, putting the comings and goings of the last 2,500 years in perspective. If the Med is the ‘crossroads of civilization’ then Corsica has born much of the traffic. These are the unique sailing holidays we offer you:


Provence & Cote d’Azur

Marseilles is the gateway to what is perhaps the most glamorous cruising ground in the world and is worth the stop if only to see the sights around the Vieux Port, the ancient heart of the city.

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The Riviera

You either love or hate Saint-Tropez. Once a little fishing village with an attractive façade of houses and a quay lined with fishing boats, it is today the playground of squillionaires, whose gleaming white motor yachts moor fender-to-fender, blocking the view.

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The coastline is spectacular anywhere but sailing along the southern side of Corsica the land rises until the towering cliffs at Bonifacio, which must rank as one of the most unforgettable harbour entrances to be found anywhere.

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